Hello From LAX!

Hello Everyone!

We have all made it into the airport and are waiting to board our flight from LAX to Moscow at 4:55pm. We will then be traveling from Moscow to Yerevan. A lot of you have asked how you could be praying for us while serving in Armenia. First let us all give praise to God for the AMAA, Dr. Al and Sue Phillips, and this opportunity to serve Him and His kingdom. Please pray for us to have humble hearts while we serve. The reality of it is that the people there do not need us. According to Matthew 6:25-28, God provides all that we need. Being able to serve is not an action worthy of praise but instead an action solely for the glory of God and therefore a privilege to do. Second, please pray that we are representing Christ in all that we do. We hope that through us we will bring others to God and that we ourselves will grow in our relationship with Him through our service. Pray that we will forget any expectations and go into this experience with open minds and hearts. Lastly, please pray for safe travels, safety and health as well. Thank you all for your friendship and prayers throughout this time. We appreciate your love! Stay tuned!

Chloe Basmajian