Day 3

This morning we attended a beautiful church service filled with faithful people ready to worship the Lord. The church was almost as warm as a sauna and one sweet lady gave her fan to Joyce. This selfless act from a local Armenian was a perfect leeway into Dr. Phillips’s impactful message to the church. His message was that as Christians we show that our faith is alive by the good works that we do in the world. Our hope is that people who don’t know Jesus will wonder why we are helping them, and then understand that it is because of our faith that we are here to provide aid and love. My prayer is that we will all remember that it is through God that we are doing these acts and that we should keep humble hearts, expecting nothing in return except the comfort and contentment in knowing that we are representing our Lord. Ā 1 PeterĀ 4:10Ā says “as each has received a gift, use it to serve one another…” God has blessed us all with different gifts that we will be using to show God’s grace and help bring the world together. We are all parts of the family of God. I encourage you all at home to think about what gifts God has given you and how to use those gifts to show that your faith is indeed alive and thriving.


While we went into the bathrooms after church to change into casual clothing, Our doctors Ā already had people from the church asking for medical advice…As for me, I only received a couple invitations to people’s houses for dinner but hey, I’ll take it!

Today we had the iconic Lahmejoun lunch. I want to give a quick shoutout to the Newman girls for fearlessly eating Armenian food like champs. After lunch, we continued our adventures to the Martyrs Memorial. What a touching time honoring our ancestors and all others who fell victim to the Armenian Genocide.
On a lighter note, on the bus ride over to Vanadzor, Sr. Ruth told us that even though she has an MD, she worked at Burger King, solely to find out the Whopper recipe. Our group has bonded on so many levels. We are now in Vanadzor getting prepared for our first day of medical serviceĀ tomorrow. On an even lighter note, while setting up for serviceĀ tomorrow, Marina got locked in the bathroom stall and so I took one for the team and crawled under in puddles of who knows what to get her out. Good news, it worked and she’s good. Bad news, ew.

Please keep us in your prayers forĀ tomorrowĀ and this week. Pray that God takes our empty hands and open hearts and uses them for beauty. Pray that in all that we do, we glorify God. Can’t wait to serve!


Chloe Basmajian