In Vanadzor: First Day at Clinic

What an AWESOME day that they Lord has provided us! We served more than 250 people here in Vanadzor. The doors opened and all the beautiful people just started flooding in. Most people were extremely happy and appreciative; there were only a handful of people overly anxious and assertive. It’s totally understandable since for these people this is really their only opportunity to see a doctor all year, which is the main reason of why this program is so special. Seeing smiles that radiate Jesus and happiness coming out of the doctor’s offices is great proof of what good works come out of these mission trips.


Here are a couple funny highlights of the day. Michael Glidewell was told that he was beautiful by an old lady while taking urine samples. That’s always a good time to flirt. Then, what I thought was a compliment on my smile turned out to be a lady asking me to marry her son. Not only that but I was also sitting next to him at the time. It was pretty awkward. But really, these people are just so sweet. They come in and are just thankful to talk to people. Even if you are unable to speak Armenian, they are happy to talk and see you smile and give them a hug and kiss and simply say “God bless you.”


The patients commonly have high blood pressure, diabetes, body aches, and headaches. And then there were some with tumors and some with babies! The children that come in are so adorable! Joyce had a beautiful connection with one 12 year old girl. She definitely made the girl, Mariam, and her family’s day when she gave the young disabled girl a soccer ball with a smile and a whole lot of love, all from the glory of God.


The doctors and volunteers that are here are truly spectacular representations of people rich in spirit. They show nothing but love and guidance and care so much about the patients. Everyone on this team is a true child of Christ and want nothing more than to serve and live for Him.

Let us not forget though that these patients are in turn teaching us and helping us grow in our faith as well. We are all so excited to see what else this week holds for us!

Chloe Basmajian