Hello Friends and Family!

Today was a different day than the past two. This morning we all woke up, packed, and headed out to the busses. As a group we all went to the church in Vanadzor and enjoyed breakfast and worship together. After worship, the Sisian team packed up their supplies and drove off on their 6 hour drive to the village. The Stepanavan team stayed and worked a half day in Vanadzor.
Since a few of the doctors left for Sisian, there was a longer line than the past couple days. The patients got a bit anxious to get into the doctor’s office; one lady death stared me for about an hour because she kept trying to cut everyone in line and I would make her sit back down….it was funny…and a bit uncomfortable. The funniest thing though was when this guy came in and his smell was so pungent and horrible that everyone who was waiting in line patiently and anxiously let him go in first, just so that he could leave and they could breathe again.Random fun fact: Dr. Tashjian has all the old ladies lined up! He’s pretty amazing. He had a few patients today that he has seen for several years…how cool! Him and Dr. Daderian together served 62 patients today in about 3 hours. Unreal! They are true blessings!

Shoutout to Armine and Brad for running the pharmacy so efficiently. Their work is a key part of this trip and we are so thankful for their hard work.

Also shoutout to Dr. Barb Tashjian, Levon, and Dr. Basmajian for not only helping clean children’s teeth, but more importantly, teaching them about how to brush their teeth and maintain good dental hygiene.

We have now arrived in Stepanavan and have set up clinic in the local church. The Sisian group has also arrived safely. Ā Keep them in your prayers as they are there for the first time and answering many prayers.The Sisian church had been praying since February that the medical mission team would come to their church, and just a few months later God answered that prayer, and the team decided to go to Sisian. The pastor from the Sisian church even came to Vanadzor just to see what our team does so that he can make the best accommodations there for them as possible. They are very excited and so are we!

We are ready for tomorrow, and God willing, we will continue to bless the lives of people here in Armenia.Arpi and I are now playing backgammon with some local Armenians in the hotel. They’re having a conversation… I’m just chilling… Oh, now they just told me that they hope that next year, I come back, fluent in Armenian so that I can marry an Armenian boy and have lots of babies… Time for me to go to bed.

Chloe Basmajian


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