Healing Physically and Spiritually

“Yesterday we saw the cows and today we are smelling their aromatic excretions… but it is a beautiful day and we will rejoice in what God has given us (Arpi).” This morning we woke up in beautiful Stepanavan surrounded by luscious greenery and cows. Armenia is seriously so beautiful.

We had another amazing day. Here in Stepanavan we served over 200 people. Over in Sisian they served about 140 people. Another successful day doing God’s work. Today I want to emphasize how the people that we serve are moved when we offer to pray for them after they visit the doctor. Most of them do not expect us to offer to pray and are so touched that they cry. Some of the patients even ask for the doctors, interpreters, and scribes to also pray for their family and peace within Armenia and the world. A few pastors from Yerevan came in to be seen as patients and also remarked on how we are not only healing people physically but also spiritually.

Tonight we went to Armenuhi’s house here in Stepanavan. She is one of our wonderful interpreters. It was so nice to feel the Armenian hospitality. Her parents provided us with food and drinks and we got to know a little bit about their family history. When we returned to the hotel our team joined about 20 Armenian ladies playing loud music and dancing in the lobby. We are having a blast.

Tomorrow is our last day of service. We will see patients for a half day and then are going to Lake Sevan. Pray that we continue to touch lives and finish strong! We have had a week that none of us will forget week and are loving experiencing life here in Armenia.

Chloe Basmajian