Tourist Day

Today we had the opportunity to see some of the sights of Armenia. After we ate a hearty breakfast at the Hotel Ani, we had a team meeting to review the logistics of our trip, strengthen our team chemistry and discuss our hopes for our time in Armenia.
Our first stop was a tour of the American University of Armenia thanks to the lovely Sabrina Agbabian, whose grandfather, Dr. Mihran Agbabian, is a co-founder of the university. We toured their recently renovated library, state of the art engineering labs, and their auditorium, which Dr. Essayan noted had tremendous acoustics. The school is flourishing, it is beautifully renovated off of an existing Soviet structure and is extremely grateful for its sponsors and donors who make education at the university level possible for Armenian students.
The rest of our tour included visiting the Geghard Monastery and the Temple of Garni. We were able to have a sneak peak of a beautiful wedding ceremony in the monastery. Fruit rolls and were eagerly purchased on our way out of the monastery, and it’s possible that we ate our weight in them. We also ate two incredibly delicious meals and reflected on God’s extravagant love and generous provisions for us on our trip already. After we returned to the hotel, we were able to join families and friends to catch a beautiful fountain show in Republic Square. Needless to say, we had a wonderful day resulting in full hearts and stomachs that are ready and willing to pour out Christ’s love on others. Thank you for your prayers!

Emma Newman