A Day Filled With Special Moments

Today, we had a very successful second day of clinic in Vanadzor at the Evangelical Church. We excitedly loaded the bus at 7:45am and headed to the church in anticipation of a productive day of service. Our hearty breakfast consisted of Armenia’s version of French toast, or what the wonderful cooks at the church called “omelets with bread.” These amazing women always provide us with the adequate nourishment that we need to serve all those we encounter. We would not be able to do what we do without their help, as well as the other volunteers from the church.
After breakfast, our hearts and minds were prepared for the day by a wonderful worship service and devotional lead by Allison Phillips. She encouraged the group to take moments to stop and reflect on the blessings we have been given and allowing us to return the blessings to others. I have found that it is so easy to lose sight of our ultimate goal of the mission amongst the hustle and commotion of the clinic. This was a beautiful reminder to remain present and grounded in Christ throughout the clinic day.

Today was filled with many special moments, where we physically and spiritually met the needs of over 200 individuals. God has been visibly working in and through us on the mission thus far. Many of the members spent time praying with patients and their families as they made their way through the various stations of the clinic. These moments were filled with tears, warm embraces, and “bacheegs” that we will carry with us forever.
During the afternoon church service, Dr. David Essayan and Katelyn Lee shared their testimonies of how they came to Christ, further reminding us about the miracles and joy that can occur when we put our hope fully in Jesus. Although we encountered multiple patients with terminal illnesses, we were able to offer them not only with medication for their physical illnesses, but also medication for their soul. In this way, we know that our Earthly bodies will fail, but have hope in the promise of a pain-free eternity with Jesus. Oh what a hope, indeed!

We are excited and equipped to continue serving Jesus the rest of the week and are thankful for the ways that God is using us thus far as a Body of Christ inside and outside the clinic. Thank you for your endless prayers and we cannot wait to see how He will continue to do so in the coming days.

In Christ,
Michelle Phillips

One thought on “A Day Filled With Special Moments

  1. Donna Newman

    Dearest Emma and Michelle, thanks to you both for so lovingly, generously sharing the details of your mission with its medical and spiritual impacts. Here in Cali, we cherish your details as affirmation to our prayers that you have been successful and will continue to sow seeds for Christ. Love you, Donna Newman and family!!


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