Our Mission Field

This morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at our hotel that featured some hot dogs and pine jam. The lovely Allison Phillips lead worship once again, and in a lower key which many appreciated. We sang “Amazing Grace” along with two other worship songs that reminded us of the source of our life and love, Jesus Christ. In our devotional, Allison reminded us that our mission field follows us wherever we are, away or at home. Also, to embrace our everyday mission field.

The first day of the clinic at Stepanavan was a success as we loved on and treated 140 patients. We saw repeat patients who brought with them their old prescription baggies. A majority of these individuals rely on our clinic as the sole source of medical care for the entire year. Michelle joyfully recalls the feeling of witnessing improvement in multiple patients over the years, many of whom were no longer suffering from diabetes or hypertension. It has been so rewarding being able to create meaningful relationships with these individuals and we look forward to seeing them each year. This allows us to hold our patients accountable, saying things such as “when I see you next year, you’ll have stopped smoking.” Below is a decorated military official that returns annually to the clinic. During our midday church service, we were blown away by the beautiful voices of three women who lead worship. They swayed side to side, harmonized and captivated Dr. Bogosian so much that he would like to take them to Hollywood.

After dinner we saw the “Green Grand Canyon” of Armenia, the gorgeous Gorge (no pun intended). We took plenty of photos here as well, and George Zadigian dodged some drivers to take the best photos possible. After we returned to the hotel, some of the ladies on our trip had our hair done by stylists from Stepanavan. They even tamed Michelle’s Armenian curls and miraculously blow dried them straight. All in all, it was a joyful day. Nick Jaramishian even had his patients beaming as they dropped off their urine cups. We can’t believe tomorrow is out last day of clinic, our time has flown by. Thank you again for all your prayers!

Emma Newman & Michelle Phillips