Eternally Significant Service

Today marked our last day of hosting clinics in Stepanavan and Yerevan. After the Stepanavan team ate a few more hotdogs and sang worship, Sue Phillips challenged us to serve with every once of energy we had left, trusting that God gives us strength for each day. Allison Phillips in our devotional also reminded us that our mission field has eternal significance. Our team saw and prayed over nearly 70 patients today in Stepanavan and said our last goodbyes to our dear new 12 year old English speaking friends, Michael and Alexander. After playing soccer, badminton and spending time with them, they stopped by the church on our last day to deliver flowers and recruited their friends to help us carry boxes. The Yerevan team reported of seeing 120 patients with nearly a quarter of the team members, can you say power team?
The Stepanavan team packed up the clinic then ate one last lunch prepared by the lovely church ladies before heading to Lake Sevan. On our way there, we made a pit stop and became more cultured as we tried out Arabian toilets. Then we toured the beautiful Sevanavank Monastery and ate dinner by the lake. Upon returning to Yerevan, our team that served in the Yerevan clinic was standing outside eager to greet us. In my opinion this is a perfect picture of what our team has become: a family. As we got off the bus, although it had only been a few days, our team hugged, embraced and began sharing stories with each other. We care for each other not only because of some the difficulties we’ve faced together, but because Christ first loved us and calls us to love one another. Tomorrow marks the last full day of our time in Armenia, and it has been such a blessing. Dr. Al and Sue Phillips and the people at the AMAA have done a phenomenal job in orchestrating this mission trip. Many sacrifices were made by many people in order for us to serve, so thank you to those who sacrificed! We are eternally grateful.