Exploring the Homeland

Today, was all about learning and honoring the history of the beautiful country we will be serving in. From visiting Mother Armenia to laying carnations by the Dzidzernagapert Armenian Genocide Memorial to hearing a choir’s songs echo throughout Geghart Monastery, our first full day here left me with a deep appreciation for my rich heritage.

Geghart Monastery

As somebody who has never been to Armenia before, I’m already amazed by the hospitality, joy and kindness of the people we’ve met here. There is a deep sense of pride in the roots we share and the hardships we have overcome as a people.

at Dzidzernagapert
At Dzidzernagapert

We enjoyed authentic Western Armenian manti soup at Aitnab Restaurant in Yerevan. Then we had a delicious dinner in Garni, complete with sarma, yalanchi, dolma, lavash and so much more.

Although the group was very tired from our late arrival last night (we arrived at the Zvartnots Airport around 1:30AM!), we had an incredible day of immersing ourselves in the culture that the people who will come to our clinic experience every day. Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll be heading to Vanadzor to set up the clinic.

Please be praying for safe travels, a successful clinic setup, and the hearts of everybody we will serve in the week to come!- Lara Tovmassian Ingalls