Beginning the Week with a Servant’s Heart

After spending yesterday soaking in the culture in Yerevan, we made our journey to Vanadzor to begin setting up for a week of clinic. Dr. Phillips did a quick walkthrough of the different stations that each patient will visit. Then, we all got straight to work.

People who have been on this trip before were appointed to lead the assembly of designated stations. Whether we were transferring boxes of medicine into the pharmacy or putting up signs to direct patients through the clinic, we all had a role to play in preparing for the week to come.

Sevag Nuyujukian setting up the clinic

As one of the non-medical volunteer, I realized during this initial setup that serving on this team will be much more about raising a willing pair of hands than being able to pronounce hydrochlorothiozide. I didn’t know much about the medicines we were unpacking, but I was able to help transfer and alphabetize boxes, pass out water bottles, and document the day with some photos.

Sorting medication

That’s one of the many beautiful things about this trip—the fact that people of completely different backgrounds can unite under the common desire to serve the Lord. That desire alone is what gives us the strength and ability to glorify Him through our service.

At the end of the day, we stepped into the kitchen area to find an incredible spread of delicious Armenian food. This meal, prepared by women from our host church, was complete with lavash, olives, cheese, chicken, soujouk, fresh soup and so much more. We couldn’t have asked for a more hospitable welcome. They even brought out drumstick ice cream cones for dessert after the meal.

As I sit here reflecting on today and looking forward to tomorrow, I find peace and joy in the assurance that God has formed this team. Through His grace and providence, He has united brothers and sisters from all over the world to reveal His love through the blend of our unique gifts. That’s pretty neat if you ask me. –Lara Tovmassian Ingalls

To give you a glimpse into the trip so far, here’s a short clip from yesterday’s visit to Geghard Monastery and Dzidzernagapert.