Clinic Day 1

Waking up this morning, I had no idea what the day would bring. With a fanny pack full of snacks and a camera case on my back, I headed down to the hotel, ready to tackle the day.

During breakfast, all of us were assigned our official roles for the day. Some spent the day sorting pills in the pharmacy. Others ran tests in the lab or showed children how to brush their teeth at the dental clinic. Regardless of the tasks we were given, each pair of willing hands played a role in making the day run smoothly.VantasorClinic_Day1-9.jpgThis was the only day of the week that the entire team will be serving together at a single clinic. Tomorrow, half of our group will travel to the south to set up the second in Sissian. Having everybody together for the first day was extremely helpful, especially for those of us who were first-timers the trip.

We spent a full 12-hour day at the church clinic. With full hearts and absolutely no energy left, we made our way back to the hotel to rest for the night. I’m thankful for this beautiful day and excited to see what threat of you the week holds.

Here’s a short clip and a bunch of photos to give you a better idea of what Clinic Day 1 looked like. –Lara Tovmassian

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