North Team Day Two in Yerevan

We started our morning of day two in Yerevan with a mini church service on the bus. We sang together and went over scriptures- it was a really peaceful way to start the morning. Our first stop was Echmiadzin- the first Christian church in history! We then made the trek to what is called “the pit” (Khor Virab)- an old pit in P’Ok’R Vedi (Little Vedi) that was used to torture St. Gregory for being Christian. After experiencing climbing into the pit and then enjoying beautiful views of Mt. Ararat, the Northern and Southern groups then split off into their separate busses.

I’m definitely going to miss my Southern friends throughout the week. The Northern group then made the long journey to Vanadzor, where we set up this week’s medical headquarters. Tsedesutyun (good bye) from the Northern team!

Sarah Smith