Armenia Medical Mission South Team: Clinic Days 3 and 4

Yesterday, June 19, was the South team’s third and final day of the clinic in Sisian. Allison led worship again and inspired us with the word of the day: presence. She spoke about how we should all admire God’s presence and soak up our surroundings as a way of searching for God in order to see the ways in which he is communicating with us and blessing us. We were blessed to have cared for 120 patients on Wednesday, another milestone that we cherished and gave the Lord thanks for.

After a half day of clinic, we headed further south to Tatev, home of the longest aerial reversible tramway in the world, which we rode to the Tatev monastery. The ride offered many magnificent views.

Then, we headed even further south to Kapan, where we set up our new clinic for the next two days. Today, we began the day with yet another word to motivate us: sustain. Having worked the previous two days, we needed God’s strength to sustain ours and keep us energetic to help the people of Kapan. We also talked about how our mission will not only sustain the patients’ mental health, but also their spiritual health and trust in the Lord.

We were able to treat 124 patients throughout the day. Tomorrow is our final day of clinic before we head back to Yerevan.

Corrie and George Phillips