Armenian Medical Mission Team Final Day in Armenia

As much as I dreaded it, Saturday finally came- our last day in Armenia.

Megerian Carpet Factory

After meeting with the Southern team for breakfast, we toured the Megerian Carpet Factory. I never would have thought about the work that goes into a single carpet- Each carpet from the Megerian Factory takes around 9 months to compete!

After a couple more stops (one including the best lahmajoon I’ve ever had), we had a little free time when I went to Vernissage market and enjoyed some window shopping. Later we headed over to the banquet where we enjoyed each-others company and reflected over the week we all spent together. (Warning: upcoming cheesy-ness.)

In the weeks prior to this trip, I didn’t think much about what my week in Armenia would be like or what it would entail- I was mostly hoping I wouldn’t have to work the urine station. I had no idea not only how fun the clinic would be, but how much working to help others would, in return, end up helping and changing me.

Though the week is over, the friendships I’ve made and the memories of this week are something that will carry on past just these nine days. I am so grateful to have had the chance to experience this trip, and it is a week I’ll never forget. I hope to return next year, but even if I can’t, this trip will always have a place in my heart and will continue to impact me in the years to come.

Tsedesutyun, Armenia!

Sarah Smith