AMAA Armenia Medical Mission Team Sets Up Clinic in Vanadzor

The AMAA’s Armenia Medical Mission Team arrived in Vanadzor on Saturday, September 11, and set up its clinic at the Evangelical Church of Armenia in Vanadzor in preparation for their first day of clinic on Sunday. The team attended Church Service Sunday morning and Dr. Al Phillips introduced the Team and shared a message based on Luke 17:11.19. He reminded all of the Team’s goal, which is not only to provide physical healing, but more importantly spiritual healing found only through Jesus Christ. Clinic began in the afternoon and the Team already saw 60 patients. It was surprisingly smooth for the first day and they left for the day feeling encouraged. As the Team this year is smaller than usual, they recruited many from the Church to help with the clinic. They all played a pivotal role in the success and flow of the Clinic, helping with many high-traffic stations which optimized patient flow through the Clinic and crowd control.

After clinic and dinner, many members of the team went out for a walk in Vanadzor. They plucked sunflower seeds straight from the sunflower and enjoyed the beautiful fountain in Haik Square, downtown Vanadzor. After a successful first day the Team looks forward to what Dos is going to offer the next day!